Learn About Get Limitless

Have you ever noticed how some people do the most amazing things? Awe inspiring things that sometimes seem to defy the laws of nature. Ever wondered how they do that? Obviously it is possible. The capabilities lie within us all. If amazing things are possible, how do we tap into that power?  Get Limitless: Unlock Your Inner Genius shows you how.

See, your brain is like a computer, and like a computer it is fully programmable. With certain hacks, brain rewiring, and the creation of neural pathways, we show you how to unlock the full potential of your brain. This site is dedicated to teaching how to make yourself smarter, faster, stronger, and BETTER with Get Limitless: Unlock Your Inner Genius.

Anthony Lee

Anthony always knew there was something more than average to the human experience; something awesome that exists within us all. To unlock that became a lifelong quest. It was this base fact that sprouted Get Limitless. No sooner did Anthony begin his journey into exercising, dieting, and supplementation; it occurred to him that the change he was so thirsty for came from within. Around that time Anthony looked to science for answers, and answers he found. The dream was born: A life with no limits, infinite possibilities to achieve everything right there before him. Anthony picked up the pieces and began drawing the blueprints. Using himself for many controlled, carefully documented experiments Anthony applied science and got results.


Lee Foropoulos

Longtime friend of Anthony; Lee has always been on a journey for something more. At 120lbs of bones, an addicted chain smoker riddled with vices, Lee was on a path to his own demise. Thirsty for knowledge and change Lee began a stringent regimen of self-experimentation, discipline, and physical conditioning. The resulting way of life transformed Lee into a fitness enthusiast and adept student of hermetic science. Aiming to achieve greatness beyond the limitations of his own mind Lee made some serious progress vanquishing his bad habits, breaking down his physical barriers, and undergoing a total transformation. Now at 200lbs+ of lean muscle and armed with an expert knowledge of supplementation Lee has applied science to see real results and has experience to prove it.


When Anthony approached Lee with Get Limitless, the ingenuity of what Anthony was embarking upon became immediately evident to him.  Not only was Anthony conducting experiments on himself but he was seeing and documenting results.  Lee too had a thirst to become limitless.  By combining Anthony’s work on cognition and Lee’s experiments in physiology they created a synergistic union from which Get Limitless was born.  Get Limitless: Unlock Your Inner Genius starts where you may have thought to look and takes you to entirely new frontiers. Do you have what it takes to leave mediocre behind? Do you have what it takes to Get Limitless?